Lecco, the lake and its surroundings

Visitthe most emblematic towns in the area: Lecco, Varenna, Bellagio, Como and Menaggio, you can also visit from the towns directly from the lake by boat. But that's not all, 40 minutes away is the capital of Lombardy, namely Milan.

Located on Lake Como, the city of Lecco offers numerous opportunities to spend a pleasant vacation. The historic center is very quaint, with narrow streets and old buildings, overlooking the lake. Lecco is also surrounded by the Orobian Alps, which offer an extensive network of hiking trails with breathtaking views.

Water sports such as windsurfing, sailing and kitesurfing are very popular on Lake Como, and you can rent equipment or take lessons at one of the local schools. In addition, the city has several museums, including the Museo Civico, the Gallery of Modern Art, and the Moto Guzzi Museum, dedicated to the famous Italian motorcycle manufacturer.

Lombard cuisine is famous for its meat, cheese and risotto dishes. Try ravioli di brasato or risotto alla milanese at local restaurants to sample traditional cuisine. In summary, Lecco is a great destination for lovers of nature, water sports, culture, and good food.